Look Who’s Going Green with Eemax

In today’s high-demand, fast-paced environments, time is of the essence, and companies are searching for quick and easy ways to conserve energy while keeping costs at a minimum. Eemax Electric Tankless Water Heaters are the perfect energy-saving , inexpensive solution for new construction and for green building renovations.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

According the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, pumping and draining a dishwasher uses 20% of the energy, while heating the water in the hot water tank and dishwasher uses 80% of the energy. But now, there are energy efficient products such as Electric Mini Tank Water Heaters that deliver unbeatable recovery times, ensuring instant hot water when and where it’s needed.

Pump Up Your Greenness

How many times is an emergency shower or eye wash actually used at your facility? Hopefully, your answer is…“practically never.” However, for the safety of your employees, you need to have emergency systems in place. But why are you paying to re-circulate and reheat the water 24/7 to keep it at the proper temperature in case of an emergency that may never occur? There’s a more cost-effective way to heat water on demand and conserve energy through Electric Tankless Water Heaters.

Going for Ultimate Greenness

Going Green…We see and hear that term practically every day on television, radio, the internet, in work, at the grocery store, and just about everywhere we look. Many of us do our part in the mostobvious ways like recycling, turning off lights and appliances, but what are some of the overlooked ways to achieve even more “greenness” in our homes?

Cure for the Cold Water Sandwich

Gas tankless water heaters are susceptible to the uncomfortable “Cold Water Sandwich Effect.” When a faucet, shower, or tub is turned on, cold water comes out first while the heater is warming up the hot water. Since there is no storage tank to hold the water, the hot water supply is not readily available. But, by integrating an Electric Mini Tank, you can prevent the Cold Water Sandwich Effect.

Scalding is a Thing of the Past

Water temperatures over 120 degrees at the point of use are considered hazardous with extremely higher temperatures causing serious second or third-degree burns. Simply buying a mixing valve and plumbing it into an existing water heater doesn’t always meet the current codes. With the latest advancements in water tempering technologies and devices that are installed and maintained properly, scald injuries can be prevented.